Innovation Challenge

" What good is an idea if it remains an idea? Try. Experiment. Iterate. Fail. Try again. Change the world. "


Paridhi 2019 presents "INNOVATION CHALLENGE" - the ultimate Innovation Challenge event where you compete against the best ideas.


Team (Maximum 4 persons in a team)


100/- per Team


There is an age old saying which goes, “It’s better to make a job than to find one”. We are currently living in the age of innovation and Start-ups! Megatronix, the Official Technical Club of Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology invites one and all to Innovation Challenge designed for the thinker and the doer in you. We know that your grand ideas take a lot of time to be implemented, but don’t worry we got you covered! Technical or non-technical, if you have an innovation this is for you! We are providing you a platform to showcase your project and compete with your fellow entrepreneurs of the future. If you have the answers to the following, the stage is yours…

➢ What is new in your product?

➢ What are the channels through which you want to market your product?

➢ Who are your closest competitors?

➢ What is the cost of the product and the breakup? ( cost involved in each department)

➢ How can you further improve your product?

Rules :

A member of the team must be present along with the prototype to demonstrate it

Only a power source will be provided

If your prototype is an app or a software, you must carry your own laptop

The decision of the coordinators will be final

In case the prototype is hazardous it has to be mentioned during registration, failing which the demonstration of the product won’t be allowed

In case of any disputes, decision of event coordinator would be deemed final.


Anubhav Sarkar : +91 90514 95397

Abhishek Jha : +91 9038484469