Fast and Ferocious

" Speed doesn't kill you, it defines you "


Paridhi 2018 presents "Fast and Ferocious",an Autonomous Robotics event.




50 Per Team

Game play: (Each team consists of maximum four members)


Build a fully Autonomous Bot to traverse white/black lines on black/white surface starting from an initial point and ending at end point

It is an on-spot,one round event is an one on one face-off.

The bot which finishes the track first is declared the winner.

General Rules :

The dimension of bot should not exceed 25cmX25cmX25cm, with each parameter eligible for a tolerance of 10%

Participants will be provided with a direct 220V power supply only. Any special arrangement to power the bot must be made by the participants themselves

Only electrically powered fully autonomous bots are allowed. Failing to do so will lead to direct disqualification

Potential difference between any two points on the bot must not exceed 24V

Lego parts will not be allowed

Any kind of damage to arena will lead to direct disqualification

In case of disputes, decision of the event coordinator(s) will be final

Event Rules :

Width of track is about 2.5cm to 3cm

10minutes will be given to both the teams for dry run together after which the teams have to start the race

10 hand-touches will be allowed. The bot will ne placed at the position from where it leaves the line and the position will be decided by the event coordinator(s)

Any team can quit the match at any moment

No part of the track can be skipped

The first bot to reach the end point will be the WINNER


Sandipan Dey : 9804123419/8910172694